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    just wondering, what were the patches that stop the tmc error?
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    Are you really getting that on the Pre 3? I've yet to get it on my Pre 2..
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    The latest uberkernel will solve this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    The latest uberkernel will solve this.
    But it doesnt work on 2.2.3 yet, right?
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    Pretty sure it does.
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    I am assuming the latest uberkernel is in the alpha feeds because I cannot install the one that is in the beta feeds?
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    It is in stable WebOS Kernel feed.
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    Never had TMC on my Pre2 but lots since I finally swapped to my Pre3

    Will try UberKernel tonight and see
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    No problems so far with Uberkernel on latest WebOs version

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