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    I ordered online from CW, never received confirmation email, gave them a call, they told me vodafone system is down, after 3 days called them again, they processed it. (meanwhile : hp pre 3 got sold out, and 13 contract discontinued) After receiving my phone, vodafone never activated my nr. Went in store to CW, at the counter the guy was on the phone a hour and a half to CW customer service and vodafone help line to activate my account. They lost my details, they told me to hand my pre 3 back and they do a new contract because vodafone does not want to activate the 13 contract.
    I asked the CW employee, what is he going to do if I walked out the door with my pre3...and forget about my contract and have a free phone, he laughed and said... The you will have a free phone.

    So any 1 know, if I will have any consequences? Vodafone knows my name only and that I got a pre3 thru CW. CW does not take any action.
    Unless I never ever will go back to vodafone all my life..they won't to a squat?

    What's your thought on this?
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    When I got my Pre 3 or rather when I went to pick up my 2nd one, they wouldnt let me as they couldnt finish the sale / voda contract on the computer because I already had too many SIMS on Voda

    I asked him could he not just let me have the phone but he said no, as they cant even put it into their stock and resell it to me on another contract and because it was an online order it would have to go back to the warehouse.

    He could have let me have the phone 'off contract; or could have let me have it with another SIM from 3, T Mobile etc etc as the Pre3 is unlocked but he would have had to have charged me the full retail price of the phone becuase no other provider offered that phone

    CPW phones are not locked to any telco BUT the IEMI may be registered to a Voda contract that hasnt been enabled

    And so did they let you walk out of the door with the phone , as you should have been in the same situ as me and they would not be able to hand the phone over to you as they wouldnt be able to complete the contract sale

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