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    I have a QWERTY Pre 3 from UK and I live in Finland. Yesterday I noticed that the app store is almost empty. There are just a few apps available. Most categories just have No applications found. I'm sure there were a lot more apps before.

    AccuWeather is in the featured apps list, but if I click on it I get an error saying
    This application is not available for your carrier.
    It's strange as I have already installed AccuWeather when I got the device.

    What could be wrong? Has something changed in the app store, or have I just messed some settings on my phone?
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    did you apply the recent OTA update?

    did you use a metadoctor?
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    I did install the 2.2.0 3171 update. So the programs aren't yet compatible with that? Oh bugger...
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    i doubt the OTA is the source of the problem.. i installed it too and the appcatalog looks like before. (Germany)

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