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    Got my AT&T Pre 3 all updated and reloaded. Now I'm turning to the Preware patches. It seems like Sconix's patches (my faves) are not installing. Is this because of webos 2.2.3 updates not being ready yet? Assuming this is correct, I'll be patient. I really appreciate the work you do, and as you can see from my profile, I'm a supporter of the community.

    A request for Sconix: can we get a version of the Advanced System Menus that includes the flashlight?

    And a request for whomever....One hugely important patch that so far is not available for the Pre 3 is "Add Move and Mark Unread" for email. Will gladly contribute!
    I know all you folks are moving as fast as you can. Thanks.
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    I will get my ATT Pre3 tomorrow, and I have already sold my Pre2 unlocked. I am using my spare Pre Plus for the time being and I noticed some patches on it that I sorely missed on my Pre2, such as:

    - slider blocks orientation change
    - google maps starts in full screen (although I dont know what to expect with bing maps, hope latitude updater works at least)
    - glass effects suite alternate theme
    - 4x4 icons
    - free music ringtones app
    - haptic feedback for phone and calculator
    - alarm daily options
    - facebook chat spoof

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