I got an AT&T Pre 3 wanting to have SMS to my touchpad. I was using a Pre 2.

The touchpad connection is great.

The bad news is my audio gateway connection (A2DP to 1/8" stereo line in) in my car pairs as a headset. This was not the case with the Pre 2. Since it thinks it is a headset, when I try to pair the car radio (Which is just a headset profile, it doesn't have A2DP), it disconnects the audio gateway, since it doesn't want two headsets connected at the same time. On the Pre 2 the audio gateway would get a music note and the car would get the headset icon. I could have them both at the same time. On the Pre 3 they both want to be the headset.

I was wondering if there was a way to change the bluetooth paired device cache/database on the phone so I could reassign it to not try and use the headset functions. I'm not sure if the capabilities are negotiated at pairing or done at every connection.

I wonder if the Pre 2 gets WebOS 2.2, the update would cause it to have this behavior as well. Perhaps this should be cross posted to a general WebOS forum...