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    I am now faced with this problem, any one found any kind of a soloution. i am based in the UK
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    Ok.. I am now faced w/ this issue & the woman isn't allowing me to spend more on a phone due to a tight money situation (apparently)

    SO: Contacted American HP Support - Told me to contact UK's support. Contacted UK's support, qouted me 135 Pounds for the repair of the glass & they wouldn't accept it anyway, cause I bought an american phone.. So, contact America... Then I contacted America, and they said to contact where I bought it from, as they can't help me... Contacted Brilliantstore off Amazon ( and so far no response)

    Went to other online (Custom Cell phone repair shops) Most people don't have any parts. I believe people will assumingly get some parts in for the future, but the phone is still new...?

    SO Here is my new thought... How do I replace the glass myself? I have access to a Laser cutting machine where I can put in plexiglass (of any thickness) and have it cut precision wise. I also have bought the Screen cover for the pre 3.

    Does anyone think this would be an adequate fix? Would it look ok? To replace that beauiful glass w/ plexi glass? and is it possible?
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    On another note.. Whomever I talk to that can repair cellphones online.. have come out and said: That no repairs are available. I did get lucky and talk to a complete *** who informed me that If I send my phone to someone in the UK & they put their sim card in it.. The HP @ UK will repair the phone for the price I was qouted: 135 pounds.

    Still that is probably as much as it would cost to get a new phone at this point..

    So I'm in a difficult position
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrestomanci View Post

    I started an insurance claim, and it took ages to process, mainly because the company processing the claim did not have an entry for the HP Pre3 in their computer system, so they could not process the claim. As a result of this and other problems they have only just finished processing the claim.

    The outcome (for me) is that they have no spare phones to give me a replacement, and no spare parts to repair my phone, so they decided to give me an Android phone instead (HTC Desire S), which I have accepted, so I guess I will be leaving the Pre community, and joining android instead.

    I am also left with some redundant Pre accessories. Does anyone in the UK want to buy a touchstone charger?
    You could sell the HTC Desire S and then buy another Pre 3 .....
    I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and donít necessarily represent AT&Tís positions, strategies or opinions.
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    i have 2 veers

    first one died due to "water damage" .. apparently it couldn't withstand the steam generated from a few bubble baths.

    second one jumped out of my hand and landed screen side down on concrete. smashed screen. its held together by the screen protector but i can't overlook that cracks.

    so my question is.. does anyone have directions on how i (or someone very technically savvi) could frankenstein the into one working phone?

    is it possible to replace the shattered screen with the good screen from the water damaged phone?

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    I have broke my ATT Pre3 screen. I have another UK Pre3, that does not work in my country bands and do not use.
    I want to change the whole upper slider assembly. Anybody knows how to dissamble it, any tutorial?
    Pre3 slider system works as the Pre and Pre2?

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    Here is a bunch of pics Rod Whitby took. I guess you'd just have to swap the mainboard/keyboard combo of your damaged Pre3 with the one of the UK Pre3. There's just a pair of wires that you have to remove and reattach - you can see the connector on the mainboard here,

    I am pretty sure that the slider / display combo is the same on all Pre3s no matter if they are US or UK/EU versions. I might be wrong though. If it doesn't work as described you can further disassemble the Pre3 to swap just the display as shown (in super small pics unfortunately) in this HP document.
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    For all of the Pre3 broken screen victims, have a look here:

    Pre3 screen on eBay.

    It's from China. 40 USD; 30 EUR. Shipping will take some time. As soon as mine is here, I will report again.
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    there's a thread on here somewhere with my experience changing screens
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    Hi everyone

    Just in case anyone else needs to replace their Pre3 glass/screen assembly, I can confirm that, assuming you've got a spare unit, the job can be done with a little care in about an hour or so.

    Some things you'll want to note:

    1. There are 7 + 2 Torx screws in total to release (size 4 or 5 - I used a size 5 driver successfully, but it felt like a size 4 would have been optimal.)
    2. There is also an eighth screw on the inner panel - next to the camera lamp - no need to remove this one at all.
    3. The first of the 7 screws needed to release the inner back-panel from the main circuit board are pretty obvious. See the very helpful photos by Rod Whitby (referenced above by DocJones).
    4. The next '+1' is masked by a small label and recessed below the camera. Just press firmly with your driver to engage with the screw underneath. You can now remove the inner backpanel with no difficulty.
    5. One final screw can be accessed once the inner panel is removed (right next to the volume switch assembly - see later). This will release the circuit-board from the screen-assembly - but read Step 6+ first!
    6. *** Important *** The volume switch assembly (which also includes the headphone jack sub-circuit) is lightly glued to the screen-assembly BUT is otherwise attached to the circuit board and should remain so!
    7. So, after removing the 7 +2 Torx screws, gently lift the glued sub-circuit from the metal screen-assembly before then lifting the circuit-board from the screen-assembly, with a little flexing of the catches around the back of the keyboard.
    8. Then there is the main (long/thin) connector between screen-assembly and circuit-board - go easy lifting at either end to release it.

    When replacing your circuit-board on to a fresh screen-assembly, take care to line-up the mounting posts with the holes in the board, while flexing it in to the catches around the back of the keyboard.

    My spare screen-assembly actually came from a pre-production Pre3 and the alignment was not perfect. In my case, I needed to delicately 'extend' the mounting holes in the circuit-board to allow it to fit flush against the screen-assembly.

    Good luck!
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