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    Hi all!

    I am writing this because I called HP Tech. Supp. (or Customer Support) in Germany yesterday and I am really, really impressed with the quality of it!

    Not only the guy on the phone was very friendly, but also the information and commmitment from them trying to solve my problems were also (related to my experience with other Tech. Companies) very professional and accurate, leaving me with a good impression.
    Anyway, I just wanted to share this very positive experience I had with HP. We are all the time complaining that they discontinued WebOS products...

    The guy tould me that he also likes the Pre/Pre2/Pre3 phones and TP, and that he also think that HP should turn back on this decision. Perhaps if each one of us would call HP Customer relation center (or write letters to Meg - actualy I did it!) and complain about it (despite all the petitions and Face-Books and Tweets on the web we all gone for) we might face some changes in our poor situation (what was Mulder's Slogan? "I want to believe!" ?).

    By the way, I got a standard answer for my letter, which is not that exciting: "Thank you bla bla, your request will be forwarded to the responsive persons bla bla. HP is concerned bla bla" and so one. :-(
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    I need to share this with you!

    I just got 2 calls from Argentina (!?!?) which I could not answer because I was on the other line, working. A few minutes latter I got a notification (ah! I love that!) that someone leaved a message.

    For my surprise, it was an HP employee calling me back because of my very nice e-mail I sent them (see above!). She said she would call again latter. I can not wait for that! "I want to believe, Scully!"

    P.S I found it great that the phone automaticaly showed me the origin country calling me insetead of only showing +54XXX! Really awsome!
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    my experiences have been the opposite they're just reading from a script and knows less than i do. i have to keep telling them over and over and over again that they're answering a question that i'm not asking, and not answering a question that i AM asking.

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