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    Since this morning I can't make calls.

    I've installed battery saver and when I tried to call I notice that I couldn't make calls . Nothing in the call menu works. I've uninstalled this program but everything still the same.
    I can tap the numbers but don't appears in the calling screen and I can't access to my contacts from the top right icon that appears in the call screen.

    If I use the contact list that appears in the contact menu I have the same problem. When I tap nothing happens.

    The most extrange thing is that I receive mails so the data transfer works fine (I receive mails and sms).

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks for all
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    everything works except for the phone calls. have you been able to solve your problem?? someone please help me out here
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    Did yu try a reboot (with batt pulled out)
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    Could you find a solution? I'm in the same situation and don't know what to do...
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    try remove and inset sim.

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