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    that's right check craigslist for HP pre3s and touchpad I just got a pre3 for 200. There is also white touchpad for300.

    Thank me later.
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    I'm so upset I spent $600 on my 32gb touchpad (no refund) and $500 on my Pre 3....

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    yeah I paid ful, price for my 32gig touchpad. I am sooooo happy with my pre3 tho I can't wait to activate it
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    want to buy the white touchpad for me? I'll pay you via paypal?
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    I emailed a couple of them. No one has gotten back to me yet.
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    they will trust me! I suspect they are HP employees that are selling devices. Th guy I bought the att pre3 from said he would have Verizon pre3s soon
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    someone get me a touchpad please, I'll paypal you all. a cheap pre3 would be nice too

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