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    I am trying to get this awesome phone working on Straight Talk.

    Straight Talk requires the following settings for data and MMS:
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410
    Internet APN: att.mvno

    MMS APN: att.mvno
    MMS Proxy:

    I first tried to manually edit in the phone menu. Phone, text and data work great, MMS errors out.

    So I tried editing the above identified file (located at /etc/carrierdb/). Pulled the file from my phone. When I opened it up, there were 3 different line entries that had MCC 310 and MNC 410. There were only 3 differences between the various line entries:
    1. mmsApnId: On two of them, it was 1318, on the third, it was 1384
    2. hspaCategory: On two of them, it was 14, and on one, it was 10
    3. handsetOrTablet: On two of them, it was tablet, and on one, it was both.
    There were also differences around the "dataconnection" line entry (a really long security thing, I think).
    I don't know how to edit the .json file to get the right "dataconnection" line entry to make MMS work. I tried using the Veer tool provided by Digital Unlock, but it failed to parse carrier entries when I inputted the whole line entry, and separated it into individual line entries per the model via hard carriage returns.

    Any thoughts on how to get Straight Talk carrierdb.json line entry would be much appreciated.

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    bump I would also like to know this as I will be using my pre 3 on straight talk

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