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    Grooveshark was missing from the app catalog for the pre3 until today. I had sent an email to CS and they were very responsive getting a pre3 version pushed out.

    It has a problem where it quit playing songs at 30 seconds left to play. I re-wrote CS earlier today and received a fixed version by email from the developer. Apparently its a problem that first appeared on the TP and they were unaware it would affect the pre3 too.

    The fixed version works fine and he's pushing it out to the app catalog, so if you are a grooveshark fan, hold on a day or so, life will be good in a day or so. Its nice to see a group be so responsive.

    First the doctor, next grooveshark, can life get any better? (I guess HP can reinstate everything and say they're sorry, lol).
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    thanks for the update, and very glad to hear they are so responsive and still willing to push out some updates!

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