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    Pre 3 - 69
    Touchpad - 89

    I am laughing. I've never gotten such a good deal.
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    I didn't waste a penny on my three Pre-, Pixi, three Touchpads, and now a couple of Pre3s. Of course, now I have service on both AT&T and Sprint and my wallet is crying about that. The wife simply won't switch to AT&T - lots of places we go only have Sprint/Verizon service. Hell - even with my corporate discount - 25% - I'm paying more per line on AT&T than my entire Sprint bill for 4 phones - unlimited everything.

    So how much did I waste on my Pre3s/TPs/Pres - $0.00 ... What would have been the value of a Pre3 on Sprint - Priceless!
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    Never look back when you buy any gadget.
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    Op is wasting thoughts and mental peace about this - not money.

    Tech products have had falling prices for decades.

    You buy a new gadget - say any smartphone - and a couple months it's available for less, then a few months later for even less than that. And then the next generation comes out and it's almost worthless on the market.

    If you worry about this too much you just give yourself grief for no good reason.

    You paid the price that it was worth to you at the time. That's that. It will loose worth. That's a given. Firesale pricing made for a more abrupt fall than usual - but most of us never got those and we have to pay the more reasonable prices on ebay.

    Don't worry about it. I'm not wasting thoughts about how I "lost" 140 Euros compared to firesale price. I saved 210 compared to original retail price. Either way I got the device I wanted at an acceptable price. Case closed.

    Don't worry - be happy. :-)
    Pre -> Pre3 & TP32 -> Nexus 5
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    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    Op is wasting thoughts and mental peace about this - not money.

    Tech products have had falling prices for decades.

    Don't worry - be happy. :-)
    I'm not concerned about not getting the best deal because I was an early adopter. The issue is more how volatile the prices are. It's one thing if you get a month of enjoyment out of it before the price drops, like with the original TouchPad sales. But before I could even pick up my Pre3 the prices dropped by 50%! That means I got no enjoyment out of it.

    That said, OMG is this a beautiful phone. This is what I have been waiting for since CES 2009.
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    Pre 3 $223.50 eBay
    Veer $105 eBay
    Pre 2 $490 from HP site months ago
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    Pre- around February, March time earlier this year - 160 pounds. Thought that was a bargain and the OS made me throw out my long standing view that Android was the way, the truth and the light.

    Pre+ a month or two later for 180 quid. That was second hand off ebay and came with a nice cracked screen. I built a FrankenPre+ out of the two but somewhere in the process destroyed the composite device's ability to do wife.

    Pre2 a month after that for 250 quid - a few weeks before there was a glut of them on ebay for half that.

    TP during the UK firesale - got that at firesale price ie. 32 gig for 115 quid.

    Now Pre3 for 250 quid.

    all this on a dead platform. I must be mental!
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    Two weeks ago - $150 for a new Pre2 off craigslist because the Pre3 was 'never' going to be available. $10 for a case, $10 for a car holder.
    Yesterday - $200 for an AT&T branded Pre3 off craigslist. Loving the Pre3 by the way and the Pre2 will be going up for sale.
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