So I have had an EU unlocked pre3 for about two weeks now, but to me it is almost unusable, and i think i have finally located the source of the problem.

The main issue is that i am receiving text messages extremely late, and when i say extremely i mean 15+ minutes late. At first i thought it may be the pre3, so i doctored it using the link provided from webos internals. After doctoring i logged back into my profile and the problem was still happening. I then thought it may be my service provider/sim card (im with bell), but when i put my simcard in my pre2, everything works perfectly, not a single delay, but none the less i tried it out. I then redoctored the device and used a rogers sim card and created a new profile. The messaging was working like a charm. I then tried using my sim card with the new profile, and again the messages were working perfectly.

I then tried again, but this time i did a full erase instead of doctoring, and the issue occurred again. I eventually called up tech support and after going back and forth with them for an hour or so they finally agreed to escalate my case. They recommended the doctor, i then told them about the issue that i cannot download the doctor from my profile login (invalid serial number issue). And i finally got a call back today with instructions on how to download the doctor elsewhere. I downloaded it and ran it, logged back in and nothing... Tried the new profile i made, and it worked...

I have used my same profile for my pre-, pre2, and now trying for the pre3

So after doing all this i can say that it is not the device or the carrier, but seems to be the profile itself. Does anyone have any idea on this? Any and all help is appreciated

On a side note: Voice calls will go through, the text message will send and receive (but the obvious issue that they are being received late), data and gps work perfectly fine