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    I impersonated my Pre3 as an EU Pre3, and now the H+ icon is gone, replaced by 3G.

    Does that mean my Pre3 no longer accepts HSPA+? Because only the 3G icon is there, whereas before in this area I had constant HSPA+
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    My guess is that the UK firmware doesn't display a difference? download the patch from preware that changes your icon. But you should still get faux gee on the at&t pre 3 regardless of the rom. Just my .02
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    Test the download & upload speed. If it still show above 3G connection speed then it is just cosmetic matter, if not, then it will be a serious problem.
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    Well I got download rates of 3.2mbps-ish, and uploads of 1mbps-ish, so it's HSPA+ alright, but it shows 3G at the top, and in the phone preferences the only options for network type are "2G" and "3G" and "Auto," whereas before I doctored it said "2G," "3G," and then gave an option for H+.

    I'm not in an enhanced backhaul city, but I should still be showing H+ as that's the network technology here. When I got the phone it said H+.
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    This is purely cosmetic - don't worry about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hendikins View Post
    This is purely cosmetic - don't worry about it.
    True. There is a patch in the preware repository that can correct this. By default the EU phones only display 3G.

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