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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    As soon as Verizon started selling the iphone 4 all my friends with iphones left at&t and went to Verizon, that's how much they were fed up with at&t celllular service. All day yesterday at&t cellular was down here in LA. As much as I want a Pre 3 I personally would not switch to at&t. BTW, my alarm has not once failed in the 28 months that I have owned my Pre and I use it almost every day.
    I have had great ATT service since switching in July. I will say the "4G" is speedier than my Sprint service was for sure.

    It really is about looking at your usage patterns then making the decision based on that. We saved money going to ATT, but that is not the case for everyone, especially folks grandfathered into older plans. After nearly a decade on Sprint, we are very happy to be on ATT.
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    slightly off topic, but I never did understand why verizon and sprint felt they couldn't just use GSM like everyone else in the world. I know it fits in with the whole US "the purpose of business is to screw as many little guys as you can as often as you can" (tm) philosophy, but seriously..

    If I lived in the US, I'd move to AT&T just so I wouldn't have to put up with this draconian 'you must use this phone and this contract or we kill you' crap.
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    bit off topic, but i also never had the problem with the alarm not working. i used a pre- with 2.X until i got my pre3 last week and it never happend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic-NKT View Post
    bit off topic, but i also never had the problem with the alarm not working. i used a pre- with 2.X until i got my pre3 last week and it never happend.
    I never had an alarm problem with my Sprint Pre or Pixi either. I just got the ATT Pre3 -- am I going to start having alarm problems? Is this new to webOS 2.x?

    As to the larger debate here, there seem to be several people on these forums who've made the leap to an ATT Pre3 without regret. The only bug mentioned here is the alarm one. That hardly comes across as a deal-breaker. Please let me know of others (because I just GOT an ATT Pre3!). I am eagerly listening to input from all over these boards!

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    well I just did it. clicked buy it now on an att pre3 with an unlock code.

    I'm planning to use it with a tmobile $30 a month prepaid plan. I'm rationalizing my obviously foolish purchase by how much I'll save vs my Verizon plan. my wife will kill me anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by piflintstone View Post
    You want a reliable phone....nope, not worth it.
    You want a nice smartphone with a slider keyboard and a ton of bugs, but you are willing to live with that, then yes.
    "Ton of bugs"? Really? I understand "ton" to mean very many. So many that they should be obvious and a daily (or at least several times a week) annoyance.

    After 2 weeks I have yet to encounter the first one of those. I'm sure there are bugs. Simply because every non-trivial software can be safely assumed to have bugs.

    But a "ton" it isn't.
    Perhaps we use a very different subset of features and apps. And the ones you use have all the bugs.
    What do i have to do to find a few of that "ton"?
    I'd like to be prepared and have workarounds ready when I encounter them in my use.

    Quote Originally Posted by piflintstone View Post
    There are so many bugs that the first time you miss an alarm because from several versions back they were not able to fix it, yeh, then youŽd know that youŽd better used another phone.
    ItŽs so sad how little HP did to fix all the known things, I could cry.
    Hm. That's weird. I have used the Pre- for almost 2 years and now the Pre3 for 2 weeks as my alarm clock. I vaguely remember a problem with the clock not updating its time correctly from roughly a year back. Hasn't happened since then on my Pre-.
    Never happened so far on my Pre3. (time is synced with my network provider)
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    I'm seeing so many ATT Pre3's on ebay its not even funny. I'm only 3 months into a Verizon contract as I switched from Sprint to them thinking I'd upgrade to a Pre 3 at MSRP when it was released so I could at least be grandfathered into unlimited data.

    I am personally on the fence - I would have to break off a family plan, pay a $350 termination fee to Verizon and do what i promised myself I'd never do, go back to AT&T. However, the extra screen real estate of the Pre3 along with the SMS push to the TouchPad are two things that I really want....
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