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    My Pre3 is on it's way and I am preparing myself to start using it. Is it possible to use Pre2's profile in Pre3 ? Or a new profile has to be created ?
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    Should be fine I expect...I went from a Pre- doctored to 2.1 to Pre3 and had no problems (apart from the apps that don't work, documented elsewhere in these forums - their icons will appear but they won't open properly).

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    I had a Pre2 (unlocked version on AT&T) and had no issues switching over to Pre3 (AT&T version). I just signed in using my Pre2 profile and almost everything got transferred to Pre3.
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    Same as the above poster. Went Pre 2 -> Pre 3 and retained profile. It works.
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    What if the old profile was set to another country? Can the email address still be used?

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