now after using my new pre for roughly 2 weeks I found, apart from some other minor issues, the following problems....persistent.

First an most annoying:
Whenever my pre 3 runs below 20% Battery the backligt of the keyboard wonīt work anymore. The keyboard just stays black. Very weird and very annoying. Anyone else having this problem?

the disappearing alarm problem does still not seem to be fixed. Today after dismissing the alarm it disappeared....reboot didnīt help. This happened back with my Pre + on 2.1 too....how the heck could they not fix this.

when called, some contacts do not show up...it just shows unkown number although the number is correct and also with international prefix.

Now, if patches were available for those problems, the pre 3 would be almost perfect. At its current state I do feel that the main difference between the Pre + with 2.1 and the Pre 3 with 2.2 ist just the hardware. I would therefore not buy this phone again but instead probably just get a used Pre 2....that device is fast enough and the software is in no way worse than that of the Pre 3.