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    Just thought I'd share a story with you guys regarding my Palm Pre Plus. I had a ton of Palm Pre Plusses. The issue I had with the Pre Plus was that about every three weeks (like clockwork) my phone would overheat, the battery would die, and it'd get stuck on the low battery screen. I'd go to the Verizon store and they'd give me a replacement battery and sure enough the Pre Plus would turn on. I'd take the device home, it would eventually die, and then again, low battery screen. I would then have to have the phone replaced under warranty as the phone started to "kill" batteries.

    After scouring the internet, I found out that the Pre charger has a different modulation/voltage (very minor) but different than standard micro USB. I have a blackberry too and I was using the blackberry charger on the Pre Plusses! Since then I never used the blackberry charger and only used the Palm charger and sure enough never had a problem (with the Pre Plus or my subsequent Pre 2).

    What I'm saying though is NOT TO USE A GENERIC/NON-PALM charger on your Pre 3. Since the Pre 3 comes without warranty (AT&T one at least) we all need to be careful not to put these in harm's way. An easy way is not using generic chargers.

    Hope I could help a few people here.
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    Thanks for the heads up!

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