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    For the past week I'm seeing several listings on ebay for the ATT Pre 3 16gb .Prices are going down... slowly but surely. Started at $800+ now I can find it around $450 shipped

    I'm trying to figure out what the sweet spot in pricing might be.$450 for a phone is a lot but I really want it.
    To be able to roughly estimate if the price has a downward tendency from what I see at the moment I need to know for how much the hp employees are buying it.
    So, does anyone know how much are they paying for this phone?
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    Someone said elsewhere that the HP price is 75
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtkansan View Post
    Someone said elsewhere that the HP price is 75 wife used to work for HP 5 years ago (procurement manager) and now she won't contact one of her ex-coworkers to see if anyone is willing to sell one

    based on the info you gave me I'm hoping to see it/and buy it @ or around $300 range
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    yeah 300 would seal the deal for me.

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