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    Quote Originally Posted by oobernuber View Post
    eagles and prebaco,

    Any tips on getting the apps I had on my old Pre restored onto my new Pre (while running a different account)?
    No you can't do this. Either continue using your new profile or call palm to fix your borked one.
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    Since your apps are related to the account that has been active when installing them, you'll have to 'repair' that account in order to restore your apps on the new device. As already said, try to remove messaging accounts (and maybe other 'not payed' configs) from the old Palm account, wipe the phone and try to reconnect.
    Perhaps HP can do the repair for you (as Nightburn said), don't know.
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    Cool, I'll pursue that avenue, then. It sure would be nice to get my old profile onto my new phone. Can anyone point me in the direction of webOS live chat support? I've been poking around the website and can't seem to find it.

    Also... contacts. After loading up gmail, facebook, and LinkedIn, I have about 75% of my contacts on the new phone. The only things that are missing would be the #'s that the nice Sprint rep dumped onto the original Pre back when I bought it (before I linked accounts and all that). I need those numbers in my new phone.

    Here's the thing, though. I have those numbers in my Touchpad (since the touchpad is synced up to the old Palm Profile). Is there any Bluetooth wizardry that would allow me to dump all my contacts onto the new phone?

    Thanks for the continued help, everyone. It's much appreciated.
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    I went and chatted up Palm Support. They were really nice and (apparently) fixed the problem. I'm now running my new Pre3 on my old account (contacts, apps, and all). I tried to ask the Palm folks what they did to "fix" my profile, but that online messaging system is so jacked up it kept connecting and disconnecting while they were telling me which procedures to follow. Really annoying.

    Thanks to everyone for walking me through this little episode. I swear I'll stop spamming this thread.

    One more question, though. As my Pre3 is loading up all the stuff from my profile, I've noticed that many of the patches that were on my old Pre+, and were unavailable when I loaded up Preware on the new Pre3 (while using the extra profile), are now loaded and active on the new Pre3 (now running the old profile). Put simply, the Pre3 has restored several patches that I had thought were unavailable to me now that I'm running a Pre3. Am I going to have other weirdness in the future?

    ex. of patches include: colored percentage instead of battery indicator icon, close phone app on 'End Call', clear quick launcher bar, and others, I'm sure. Patches that are not currently active are the 4x4 app menu patch. I'm worried about patches that I searched for and couldn't find when I was running the Pre3 on a new profile and now have from my old profile restore.
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    got same prob but happen after phone popped message up sAying phones app database was full restart an log back into palm profile, just happen now it just loops.. Guess I'll be for doing what oobernuber did from start....

    **UPDATE** did a webos doctor an all is well.....
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    YEs ..I bought a new HP pre 3 from ATT 4G HSPA BAckhaul.....I logged in to my profile n it went in to a loop ...showed the logos n boom restarts.....I performed a hard reset but to no gain ...I then performed a full erase without backup ...created a new profile ...there you go the phone is s just been a day though...hopfully it ll behave..
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