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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerkang View Post
    If you already have a phone you don't have to sign a 2 year contract. You can cancel the service at any time. The discount he is referring to is a discount offered by his employer.
    Word is, and I would contact customer service, but if you apply the employee discount then you automatically get signed into a 2 yr contract. I've heard this multiple times from different people.

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    So I'm reading mixed results here... whether the $50 GoPhone plan works or not with Pre3 - without the extra data add-on.

    Assuming it does work, here's my question: Can you wifi tether? AT&T is cracking down on users that aren't paying for free tethering... would they/are they doing the same if we tethered on the $50 GoPhone plan?
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    It got the $50 Gophone unlimited on friday....I just went in the AT&T store and bought the card and left. I told the guy I didn't have a phone yet but was getting it from a buddy.

    If you plug the card into the phone and try using it without data the phone will not setup because it needs data to download an old profile or start a new profile.

    I had to call costumer service. The lady tried just provisioning the Iemi(sp?-I am not ripping of the back cover of the phone to see if I called it right because that cover is a b_tch to get on and off-hahah) number for me but that didn't work. She gave me 10mb of data free to setup the phone and that worked.

    I started a new profile so I had enough data to do that, but I used it all up in about a half hour after that. I don't think 10 mb of data is enough to download a entire profile, but not sure.

    She said they have it listed as a smart phone now....I played dumb but it didn't work....It sucks to have to pay so much for data on pay-as-you-go. I am just using wifi for now, as i am seeing if I like the phone and AT&T before I switch over my whole family.
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