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    ok, that was kind of a pun and dig at the same time for pre 3 on hp website.

    are a lot of devs still onboard with producing apps for the pre 3? are you guys with pre 3s seeing new apps come in daily, weeky....? im not seeing much of a discussion about old and new apps for the pre 3
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    There's a lot of discussion about P3 apps here. I check the catalog regularly and there are updates and new apps almost daily. I hear people who are new to webOS are surprised that there actually are a lot of apps available. General impression is that there are practically no useful apps available. Not true Sure, we'll never see so many apps as iPhone users have, but I'd say the ecosystem is alive and well. I believe it will stay that way - look at Maemo, this OS has been pronounced dead officially for a long time; doesn't stop the enthusiasts to create and maintain great apps.

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