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    Guys - I fixed my issue, but I had to run the AT&T Doctor to get the icon. As far as I can tell, if your AT&T Pre 3 was sold unlocked, then you can't get the H+ icon, it seems to be specific to carrier.

    Also a bit weird for me that the data light doesn't ever go off - I guess AT&T doesn't want you to be mindful of how much data you use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaltman View Post
    This is being discussed in a couple different threads, so I thought it most efficient to start a new one rather than repost in several places.

    Got your new Pre 3 and not getting 4G? If you had an older 3G phone you have to call AT&T and get them to change your provisioning to allow 4G. The icon next to your signal meter should be an H+ for faux gee.

    I called. The CSR didn't care that it wasn't an "approved" phone or none of that. He wanted the IMEI number (available under the battery or in Device Info->More info), spent a few minutes reconfiguring and that was that. Faux Gee!

    I had a few extra problems because I am under several grandfathered plans. The unlimited data was no problem for him, but my 200 SMS plan caused him to have to escalate a request for reinstatement upstairs, he said it would be no problem, as I was grandfathered into that plan, just that he couldn't do it at his workstation.

    I am not seeing exceptionally high speeds, but higher than 3G and it works through my microcell just fine. No changes needed to the configuration of the microcell.

    Make the call.... have 4G.
    Do you know the AT&T words for what the supervisor did? I just spent 30 minutes with a CSR, and neither he nor his supervisor could figure out how to accomplish this change. I'm still on 3G.

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    I just told them I had acquired an HSPDA+ phone and asked for them to adjust my provisioning for it to work.
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    I eventually just put my iPhone sim in the phone and it switched to H+. Don't know how to take a screenshot yet.
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    I had my pre3 on ATT go phone sim and it always showed 3G.
    I popped in a new StraightTalk sim and immediately got H+.
    my phone is not unlocked and speed tests show 3Mbps down, 1Mbps up. Needless to say, screw ATT.
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