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    just received my pre3 today, not for he sellout price but its ok for a new smartphone and its still much lower than the original retail price...

    anyway i noticed the phone has problems with Games that use the Accelerometer...
    Its not really "smooth" and games that need precise movements get almost unplayable (Putki, SuperJump).

    To describe it a bit more, if i turn my pre a little bit nothing happens and when i hit a certein angle it turns in game a lot..

    Is this a faulty pre3 or is it because of the outdated apps i tried that have problems with the new hardware?
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    i havent tried them certain games but it is slow to move from portrait to landscape on a normal webpage or app

    well slower than any other phone ive tried

    so they must have edited the sensitivity of it, hopefully there'd be a patch for it soon hint hint
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    thanks for the info, gut can someone try those apps on his/her phone?
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    There something wrong with the g meter. You clearly see the effect when playing ground effects or using the programm accelerometer. The signal freezes from time to time.
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    So its not my device.. thanks

    hope they can fix this.
    i really love my pre3 besides that.
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    have that noticed on mine too - very good to see in SuperJump Mode Tricky. In-Game claibration or smoothing did not help. Pre 2 running great with SuperJump.
    As SuperJumps last update was 30.9.2010 (so 1 year ago) it perhaps is not really tested on Pre3

    Ok just tried too the free app accelerometer and moved Pre2 and Pre3 next to each other while watching the Raw Data and on Pre3 it periodically hangs (like in the games to).
    Would do a video but have my cam not here right now.

    Can anyone with the updated Pre3 webOS 2.2.3 still has this problems?
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    I just realized that this issue really sucks. I wonder what the problem is and why Palm didn't find/fix it. Seems like they would have a check list of the hardware and they would have to make sure it all works. I wonder if a patch can correct this.
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    Made a little video comparing it to Pre2 (2.1)

    Update on Pre2 2.2.4 i have the same problems now.
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    Yeah, just noticed this today myself. Kind of sucks, but the phone is so much better in every other way that it doesn't bother me as much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    Yeah, just noticed this today myself. Kind of sucks,
    are you on 2.2.3 or 2.2.0 ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    are you on 2.2.3 or 2.2.0 ?
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    so these problems are present on all software versions of Pre 3 devices then
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    My UK Pre3 accelerometer has always been a little tetchy too. The email app seem to like turning to landscape mode in my pocket as i walk around, but it takes a sort of 'flick' to get it to right itself. I thought this was normal until i tried a few other phones that have a very smooth and accurate system in comparison.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Got me 3 week old Pre 3 from ebay, all good - ut Accelerometer problem is apparent as described above. Just useless for games etc that use it. Th ephones great, and really the Accelerometer is pretty much just for games - hope there will be a patch soon. Noted that WebOS 3.0.4 on TP is now having problems (although OK before updates), so hopefully the Pre3 is also a 'software' issue!?

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