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    Just setup with mywirecard but im curious what settings you used to get it to work. Since I registered with my own adress it will still be registered to a unsupported country ie Sweden is not in the list of countries when you enter the card details into the Pre3 App Catalog.

    So how did you guys get it working?
    Did you register the card with your own adress and country and then selected a different in the App Catalog or did you fake a adress of a supported country?
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    You don't need to worry about your address on the registration, just use yours.
    The AppCatalog will assume as a Germany visa/mastercard.
    When you buy a app the only strange thing that will appear to you, is that the recipe sent from HP will note that your country is Germany. I'm assuming that's because WireCard is a German service.
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    Yes, used my Swedish address. Has to be entered exactly the same as on card in the app store.

    Good l

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    Thanks, still waiting for the funds to reach the card. In the meantime I'm trying to get MMS working with Telia operator but it won't work with settings that works on the Pre.

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