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    So, after seeing how many of these things are available on ebay, i've been getting some bad thoughts. I mean those kind of thoughts that involve spending a lot of money on electronics.

    my contract is up next month on at&t, should i just get a new phone when i renew or should i get one of these pre3s.

    are they worth the 400-500 they're going for?
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    I will be very interested to hear what people say here, because I just did exactly that!

    m500>T3>T|X>Treo 755p>Pre>Pixi>Pre 3>Galaxy S4 Mini>Galaxy Alpha>Galaxy S8
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    they are worth it
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    but versus the upcoming iPhone 5?

    i mean i have a touchpad and i think it's really great. i use it every day. applying those tweaks, patching stuff via preware, over clocking to 1.5ghz has made this tablet more than usable. in fact it's awesome.

    would a pre 3 add any features that would complement my touchpad?

    a contractless iphone 4 costs around 600 dollars. but that's cuz it's got great hardware, great software support, etc.

    is the pre3 really worth 80% of that price?
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    Are the Pre 2 apps compatible with the Pre 3? Screen size is what I'm asking.

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    I always say look, what do you need a phone for? If you want the best notifications, inductive charging, just type, and true multitasking, then yes. But be aware that many apps won't work and may never work. It's a dead phone. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...
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    For me, the game apps are just that--games and not that bid a deal. I am in the segment that HP was supposed to have a real shot at cracking--"the Enterprise user".

    Most of my colleagues are on blackberries and a few on iphones--I have yet to run across a single person using a palm os device--actually about 18 months ago I met one guy using a sprint pre minus that he probably got because somebody told him it would be a good phone and he was tied to sprint.

    I need my phone first as a "phone" (novel huh?) and 2nd as an email device. A very distants third is all the other stuff that I love but could care less about if it didn't have.

    Personally, I get 200 or more emails a day and would die without the physical keyboard. I prefer the portrait slider for one handed operation when necessary and just don't like virtual keyboards.

    The other features that I love in no particular order are tons of homebrew patches and apps but the most important for me is free tether because I use it for my touchpad as it has no cell radio.

    iphone has none of the above.

    I say get one--and I just bought one!
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    I don't really need a phone for games and random junk. So i guess i wouldn't mind that the pre3 doesn't have too much to offer in that category.

    I'm curious about the tethering to touchpad though.

    I'm on a grandfathered iPhone unlimited plan. so assuming i get a pre3, would everything work out? i mean i could just decide to continue my current contract without upgrading a device with att right?

    will the pre3's hspa mean i have to upgrade my plan as well?
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    okay. I'm pretty sure i want to pull the trigger and buy a phone. what's an acceptable price before i bid? how much is everyone getting theirs for?
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    Some were lucky and got them on eBay for under $200, so just look for a good deal. I wanted to say something about P3 vs iPhone 5, but you made up your mind already Oh but here goes anyway: biggest P3 advantages: physical keyboard, webOS, no Apple "golden cage"; iPhone advantages: apps, apps, apps, Apple "golden cage"
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    yea i sort of made up my mind. i mean i didn't get a fantastic sub 200 dollar deal. but smartphone are generally this expensive anyway right? I've wanted a pre3 since i found out about it. i really don't mind the lack of apps. all i ever used my iPhone 3gs for was, wait i really don't remember haha.

    i stopped playing fruit ninja since ios4 lagged so much on my phone.

    i can tether my pre3 with my touchpad right?
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    It might be worth waiting a bit, checking amazon and ebay daily, prices will probably go down soon, had been the same thing here. Got mine for 300$ - including shipment - at amazon (in Germany though).

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    prices on ebay have indeed come down in the past day (much to my chagrin--bought yesterday), so you can prob get on in the 375 range, which seems like a really good deal. remember what we paid for the Pre- and Treo?!
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    I got mine for about that price. though i'm sure if i waited a few more weeks it'd be much cheaper.
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    If it was possible for me to get a Pre 3 that worked on Verizon, I would get one for sure.
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    if u can grab one for $300 i'd say go for it!
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    If you're looking for a Pre 3 in the $300-400 range, I'd suggest checking: Marketplace Forums - Help, How-Tos & More at #1 HP webOS Community!

    As for AT&T vs UK QWERTY, it depends on what you will do with it and how much you're willing to pay. The AT&T one is a little more expensive and a bit more risky since there is no Doctor for it, but the UK QWERTY has less storage space.

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