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    Are there any stores that sell the pre 3 that I could actually walk into? I'm in Rome right now, then Florence and Venice for a few days. Then back to Paris for a week. Is love to buy a pre3 while I'm over here...

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    With the way they are showing up on ebay right now and the fact that an EU versoin won't work on the 850 mhz band in USA (ATT) then I would suggest you wait. They are trending down toward around $550 US right now which is likely cheaper than an EU version anyway.

    Your patience might be rewarded.
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    The unlocked AZERTY version is still available in the Palm-HP Eurostore for 215 euros shipped (around 291 USD). If you are staying at a private house you may buy it in advance. Shipping takes 1 or 2 working days (maybe 3).

    Tempting but risky. Good luck!!
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    If you don't need the QWERTY and the 850 ATT band then a Euro AZERTY version is of course cheaper. In that case you can either take a leap and order it from the eurostore, or find someone who could send you one to the US.

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