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    I've had my Pre3 for a week now. On two separate occasions the autofocus has got stuck. Photos that are relatively close, say 30cm from the object or subject are in focus but anything farther away is blurred. Touch to focus results in no change. Eventually it just rights itself but never when I'm trying to fix it, more like hours or days later when I go to use the camera again.

    I honestly hope it isn't bloody faulty as I'm not sure my network operator will be able to replace it with a new one!

    Has anyone else experienced weird autofocus shenanigans?

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    Nobody else has had a problem with the autofocus then? It's only happened twice, but that's two times too many in my book!
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    Mine got stuck yesterday, then unstuck itself relatively quickly. I still missed my shot, though, and no idea how I cleared it.

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