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    Hey webOS community!

    I am new here, and joined you with the purchase of my Pre3.

    When I went through the activation process the first time I didn't anything about Impostah activation, so I just activated it normally here in Denmark.
    And you've probably heard this a lot, but is there any way to enable access to the UK app catalog again now? Because the free apps in the Danish catalog are outdated and very few.. for instance the Facebook app here doesn't even work..

    Many Greetings from an almost 100% satisfied Pre3 owner
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    I think you can do that in impostah. Buy the preware documentation in app catalog and things should work from there
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    well I can't buy the preware documentation in my Catalog.. but I already have installed Preware and Impostah..
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    I have not tested this by myself, but I've read in many places that if you create a new profile with the Touchpad, you can set the country for example to UK. After that, if you doctor your Pre 3, you'll be able to log into the new profile and you SHOULD BE ABLE to access the whole UK app catalog.

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