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    I am getting my HP Pre 3, which is first WebOS device, tomorrow. I have heard some comments about not being able to access the app catalog if you do the initial boot of the device with the wrong kind of sim card. I have also heard that there is some difference in terms of app availability between the different regions that are supported. Is any of this true?

    If it is I am in a bit of a hassle; I stay in S.Korea (exchange student) for a couple of months. I have a Korean prepaid card which I use right now, and my Swedish sim card is currently frozen/paused until I return (i.e. I don't pay the monthly fee and it doesn't work).

    I live in a dormitory with people from all over the world so if I ask nicely I would probably be able to borrow a US/UK/FR/DE sim card for a couple of hours (provided that the sim card has no future relation to the WebOS account that I will create).

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? Which region, if any, is 'better' than the rest?
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    Look around here and for information about Impostah. It lets you activate to other regions if you find one preferable but don't want to have to travel all the way there just to activate your phone. =P

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