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    wait for a verizon and somehow make a Sprint verison?

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    I'm sitting on the fence about doing a Frankenpre 2 as I've read about some software issues, etc. But, with Pre 2 prices lower lately, it's quite tempting.
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    go for it. i'm trying too.. i can't find a pre 2 though\:
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    Im getting a gsm pre 3. Putting it on h20 wireless. $60 unlimited everything. Hopefully they won't catch me tethering
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    I bailed on sprint after 8 years and will be using my new pre 3 on att.
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    wait for the iPhone 5
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    most true webOS fans left sprint long ago or did the franken pre2 to their pre- . Now most of the franken pre2 webOS fanatics are just moving from sprint to AT&T and getting a pre3 or veer or pre2 off of . there are plenty of pre2's out there . there are some on amazon and ebay as well .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I bailed on sprint after 8 years and will be using my new pre 3 on att.

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