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    today in the morning, i wanted to unlock my 2-week-old Pre3. But the display was full of colored lines and the lockscreen wasnt really readable (see pics). Some time later, i unlocked the phone again and everything was normal again. After unlocking the phone another time, the lines appeared again and didn't disappear now. So i completely wiped the phone, which didnt help. I also used the Doctor but that didn't help too. I doenst even show the HP boot logo (just a black screen, the backlight is on).

    I am sure, that the display isn't damaged or broken. I called HP but they say, that they can't/don't repair the Pre3's at the moment. I will have to bring it back to the shop where i bought it and if I have luck, I will get a replace-phone. But the Pre3 is sold out all across Germany. And I don't want a cashback, i want a Pre3!

    Anyone else here with the same issues? Or does anyone know, where these problems come from?

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    I don't have any problems with my Pre3 or Veer, but it looks like your display is ok, but somewhere it doesn't get a good signal. Just like a tv with a bad signal.

    I suppose the touchsscreen does react if you touch it?

    I should try to get a replacement by contacting the MM and/or HP. Or get a cashback and get a Pre3 from Ebay.
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    can't help you i'm afraid, but i just wanted to offer my condolences you must be heartbroken!

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