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    I'm about to pull the trigger on a Pre 3, but before I do, I need to know more about how USB tethering is handled. For example, my Nokia won't tether without bloaty software popping up and running. My old Android phone was much better; the phone was recognised as a USB modem, and there was no need to run additional software on the PC.

    I know there are many threads on tethering, I've just been reading a heap of them. In this thread I'm asking for someone to give me a feel for the 'user experience' side of it - what happens when you plug the Pre into an XP machine, how is the connection initiated, do I have to install a bunch of crapware, etc.

    I am hoping it's more Android than Nokia. Appreciate any insights.

    FYI I'm running various machines with XP, 7x64 and Linux. XP is the most important one here.
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    I'm afraid USB tethering is not so easy.

    When you plug a vanilla Pre3 into XP USB, the computer recognises it as an empty disk drive, and you get the option on the phone of 'usb storage' or 'charge'. Selecting the former will cause the 'empty disk drive' to become 'usable', and the latter will do nothing.

    To USB (or bluetooth) tether, you need to install freetether through preware. Now I've found that bluetooth and wifi tether works fine, but USB tether is more involved (primarily as you need to get your computer to know how to connect through USB, using USBnet.

    I personally haven't got it to work on a Pre3 (although I've not really tried), nor have I seen any posts about it here. It works on pre2s and pre-s but its a bit of a faf... and it might involve various actions to be done every time you tether

    see here:
    Application:FreeTether - WebOS Internals
    USBnet Setup - WebOS Internals

    I keep meaning to try it, but never get around to it. Primarily because BT tether is much easier and still allows me to share a WIFI (as opposed to 3G) connection (since I get free wifi in certain hotspots with my contract)

    Sorry I couldn't be more help!
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    That's exactly the kind of info I was after, thanks very much Andy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by daletorr View Post

    does freetether work on your pre3 AFTER the latest OTA update a few days ago? And what version is your pre3? at&t or unlocked uk?

    thanks much!
    Freetether still works fine, but i'm in the uk with a uk pre3 so we're still on v2.2.0 3171

    Still haven't got usb tether to work, but am not really planning to look into it (if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it!)

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