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    if one intends to use a pre 3 as a primary phone for the next 18-24months, to be safe, what are people doing for spare parts or other malfunctions that could cause downtime?

    I noticed some people on this forum have bought two devices?

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    The only best choice beside buy 2pcs Pre 3 , you can buy Veer if your Pre 3 broken.
    I don't think there will be support for Pre 3 due HP said it is not categorized as launched phone. So if you love Pre 3 then any other phone, and you have budget for that, buy at least 2pcs Pre 3 to survive at least till 1-2 years from now.
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    I also owned a Pre 3 and plan to use it for the next 18 to 24 months. Gauging from my original Pre from more than 24 months ago, I think the Pre 3 should have a pretty good life span than Pre since its built is much better than Pre. I would love to have an extra battery as a replacement of the existing one though.
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    I already had a Veer before I got the Pre3 and intend to keep that as backup. I will not be able to sell it for a good price since I payed about 180 euro for it at the beginning of August. Just before the price drops.

    I think I also will get a spare battery, probably one from Mugen if they're ready:

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