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    49 87.50%
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    7 12.50%
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    thanks guys for your votes and comments,

    i have decided to sell even though the majority of you voted keep, no reason really but i could do with the cash,

    not going to ever let go of my touchpad though

    thanks again
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    Only thing that sucks about selling now is that us people in the US drove up the price in the UK since we all wanted one so bad and it wasnt available here. But now there seems to be a flow of US branded ATT pre 3 to buy so it makes it harder for the UK people to get top dollar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vociferous View Post
    If battery life is the issue then I hate to break it to you but the Galaxy s2 I'm using right now lasts unilateral about 3 in the afternoon. And it has great battery life. But I use it. Alot.

    And I have friends with iPhones who have to recharge in the middle of the dalifey because they USE IT. alot.

    If you want great battery life get a blackberry or a Nokia. Otherwise welcome to the wonderful world of smartphones.
    using Swype to type, lol?! (typos)
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    Quote Originally Posted by BBooDoc View Post
    using Swype to type, lol?! (typos)

    Sorry for the all caps, but the typos are killing me!
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