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    Can someone list the specs for the different Pre 3s available? Also the part numbers. I am particularly interested in which ones are actually 16GB and the correct data bands. I am a little confused by ebay item descriptions. HP's site does not show which ones are 16GB.

    16GB should be the minimum memory available on a phone in my opinion. 8GB disappears so quickly. Cloud services are not available in areas with poor reception. Should be an easy thing to do for the negligible cost difference in flash memory.
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    Pre 3 that available on market is 8GB.. none 16GB out there, if eBay seller stated that, then I'm sure it is false info. 16GB Pre 3 only available for AT&T. I don't know for CDMA version like the one on Verizon. Due until now only AT&T 16GB showed at precentral, but not for sale.

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