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    so if I buy an unlocked Pre3, can I activate it on my Sprint account? If so, any disadvantage with upgrading from my Pre-?

    oops. That was 2 dumb questions...
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    The Pre3 will not work on Sprint. If you want to upgrade, I'd really suggest FrankenPre'ing a Pre2 onto Sprint. I wish I could use a Pre3 on Sprint, but the Pre2 is great!
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    It is misleading when they say "UNLOCKED - USE ON ANY NETWORK". What they mean is use on any GSM network, not Sprint or ATT, which are CDMA.

    Wish it would, though. (sigh)
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    ATT is GSM
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    whilst in agreement, its up to the buyer to check compatibility.
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    I've currently got my Pre 2 on TMobile, but am looking to upgrade to a Pre 3. I've seen a few AT&T Pre 3's around for sale, but they don't necessarily say that they are "Unlocked". If I'm just going to slip a Tmobile SIM in there, do I really care if the AT&T phone is "unlocked" or not?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes you do care if it's unlocked, but in case it's not Dogbert has a free unlocking method available. Search for it on Google. Not very difficult but takes a bit of time :-)

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    awesome. thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbasrawi View Post
    ATT is GSM
    I'm sure he meant Verizon.

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