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    I [like a ton of others in the US] am really tempted to buy one from the UK and have it shipped here. But the 8GB kinda blows and if I've read around properly, the GSM bands are a little different.

    The rumor mill has churned up a possibility of the AT&T pre 3s being released in the US with the 16GB and QWERTY keyboards. Plus all the proper bands for AT&T with 4G.

    Is this phone worth more waiting? I'd really like the advantages of the AT&T branded phone. I've been waiting for so long. And kind of want to just find that mystical warehouse and raid it for a Pre 3
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    played with an at&t one yesterday its awesome.
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    I just wish we could get word on when we can get it. I am still on my Pre- that has so many issues by now its only good for texting :P
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    Do you guys know if this phone is going to be released at all in the US? Some people are saying and
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    a Verizon Pre 3 just showed up on ebay, so who knows what may happen...
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    All I can do is wish...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtkansan View Post
    All I can do is wish...
    Same... I don't even carewhat network it's on at this point.

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