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    I dropped my Pre 3 the other day, and two Veer crawled out.
    A black one and a white one.
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    I dropped my Pre 3 a few weeks ago and it seemed to not have any damage at the time. I then started to notice a hitch on the slider when opening it all the way but didn't think anything of it. After a few days, the hitch started to get more pronounced to the point that it wouldn't completely slide open, feeling like it was getting caught on something. Finally, the slider got completely snagged so that I forced it open. From that point on, my volume rocker stopped working and the external speaker stopped working so that I could no longer hear the phone ring. Otherwise, the phone worked fine, I just needed to have the phone on vibrate to hear incoming calls and could no longer use the MP3 speaker or speakerphone. When I opened up the phone, I noticed that the ribbon connecting the volume rocker to the mainboard was sheared right through by the slider mechanism.

    I have since then procured another Pre 3 and activated it, but in the process, the Palm Profile was deactivated off my old phone. It requested a reboot and now will not get past the HP logo. I can't enter the USB mode because the up-volume button is broken. So I am contemplating a teardown of this old phone. Maybe with a little solder, I can get this one back up and running too.... Any thoughts?
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    Here's a new report: This did not work for me at all... It really did not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ioannis View Post
    I agree. As for screws for tightening the brackets, it probably is those shown in this picture. If not just tightening the screws, it might be worth re-aligning those brackets. I think it's just a case of process variations.
    Has anybody tried tightening these screws and did it reduce the wiggle?

    I dropped my Pre3 today, and a hardly noticable wiggle that my Pre had from day one has increased and is now quite annoying. There is also a gap on the top of the phone of about 1mm and a little oreo effect when the slider is closed, it wasn't there before.

    Other than that you can't notice that the Pre hit the ground, so I am a little worried about destroying that hp sticker on one of the screws and in doin so void the warranty only to find out tightening these screws doesn't help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtran51 View Post
    Here's a new report: This did not work for me at all... It really did not.

    Maybe Rod know whether those screws do anything to tighten the slider or maybe you can you bend the brackets to tighten the slider?
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