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    I was one of the lucky ones to get a Pre 3 and Touchpad from last week and I thought I'd post a little video of me opening the box and experiencing the phone. I also do a little Touch to Share demo too...

    Hope you like it!

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    Thanks for the video, I actually saw this a few days ago when you put it up. Like the wooo saaa music.

    A few things that might help:

    -You don't need to hold the shift/fcn keys when typing numbers and capitals. It toggles, so that makes the typing a lot easier. You're right, holding the button and pressing the key simultaneously is nigh on impossible.

    -As to the responsiveness of the screen, the times when you are tapping it and its not working, its because your other finger is resting on the gesture area.

    -You use the bottom right button to call up the menu, which is fine, but I see a few times it was awkward to press. I find the same, with it being in the bottom corner next to your hand, and so using the swipe up gesture to pull up the app launcher makes it much less fiddly.

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