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    Sorry for my awful english guys !

    After discover WebOs with my touchpad (totaly in love with it), I bough a pre3 phone. Realy great OS again. But comming from Android it's hard to open this empty market.

    Where are the apps ?

    So I discover the world of preware. But for the Pre3 it seems quite empty as well.

    High priority missing apps :
    - Picasa on synergy
    - whatsapp on synergy or standalone
    - A good browser understanding perfectly HTML5
    - a "Topic-arranging" mail client
    - Navigation (And why HP did choose Bing !!!! holy ****** )
    - Google+ or other "instant upload" way
    - some minor but usefull classic applications

    Low priority : all crappy but fun useless apps and game

    In some posts i red that the devs leave the webos universe. sad.
    It's new for me and love it ! I think that webOs is the most exciting OS i never use. But is it Dying ?

    Should I sell my optimus 2X with all apps I want or sell this pre3 with this lovely user interface a physical keyboard...

    So hard to choose.
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    I'm in a similar boat. Just bought a Pre 3 on eBay from the UK but currently use an Android phone, and the next gen of Android devices is coming out in a couple of months. I'll probably go month-to-month and see what happens, honestly.

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