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    A few days ago I did a strange experience.

    Since we have 2 Pre 3 on our family (mine and my wife's), but no Touchpad (I regret not buying one!), I played "pyiring" devices. Following:

    Bluetooth was OFF on both. Really off.

    Then, I just put them back to back and, magic, they recognized aech other, asked me to turn o BT to pair, which I immediately did, and they paired, on BT menu each phone was seing the other one, with release for Contacts and Phone, if I am not wrong.

    But that's it. I can not find any other use of it, I could not change contacts (what would be great) or do phone calls from another phone.

    Does anyone have an idea abou it? Did I missed something? I even tryed on the browser to send URL one to each other, but no option "send to BT" or something similar appeared.
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    You could try touch to share, but I'm not sure if it works Pre3 to Pre3.
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    Please let us know if this resulted in more Pre3s.
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    I tryed! I mean, I wanted to do it, but I had no idea how and were to do it. No button, no menu, no menu option, no nothing. They were just paired, apparently knowing one from each other, but nothing happened. I will keep trying.
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    open a webpage on one then touch them together and see if the url gets shared
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    Yeah, and make sure they're paired and registering eachother in the bluetooth app. Also the webpage needs to be fullscreen on the sending pre. I think you can send pages from both Pre3s in one tap if they both have webpages open.
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    Hey! That works. Quite tricky, but works. Pair the phones (back to back and wait alittle), if BT is not on, you will be prompted to do so, follow the on-screen instructions, if some appear (remember, I did it for the first time some days ago). Then, separate the phones (they must phisicaly apart from each other), go for a web page, doesn not matter which (standard HP web-browser) and then put the phones back to back again. The web-browser will open and the page will start loading. Really simple, relatively fast, but what else can I do with that? Contact sharing would be better. I will test it right now!
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    Did not work with contacts. Only web pages. and I did not needed to tap, just put them back to back and it worked (perhaps my hand toutchd the Screen?).
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    I think webpages are the only thing you can share atm
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