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    There it is. The box on the table keeps calling me. That white little thing, still with the original seal from the store, keeps ringing on my head.

    To open it or not to open it, that’s the question!? Should I go and enjoy all the wonderful things inside? I keep thinking on multitasking, cards, stacks, swipe moves and fingers across the screen. And a keyboard!

    I will open it!

    Wait. Not too fast. What if it damages? I mean, there is no need to jailbreak it or even root it just to change some functionality (“Homebrew”, “patches”… those words keep dancing in my head!). But, what if I dropped it and it brakes? I am not afraid of software damaging it, but still, a physical disaster can occur. My son could drop some milk on it, while attempting to play with it.

    What to do after the 2 year warranty? I mean, I can not just buy a newer one, because there will not be other models or successors! Oh! I am so angry! And so happy!

    After nearly 2,5 years waiting, after near 100 calls, intense on-line searching, over 150Km driving from one store to the other, from one city to the other, even crossing state borders, I found one. It was definitely waiting for me.

    It was like on a cartoon, with a light shining upon it and a heavenly melody playing on my ears. The last one! The very last one on all the stores! I can’t believe my eyes (I think I cried, but if someone asked I would say it was a sand corn on my eye. On both eyes.). God exists! And he likes me!

    Nope. I am not opening it.

    After a wonderful week of holydays, I came home and went Internet shopping. I was decided to get the ultimate gadget geeks and non-geeks need, even if most of them do not know about it or prefer to ignore it. For my surprise, a very annoying English word ruined my dreams: “Fire Sale” (actually 2 words). What the hell? No longer available? Discontinued? Why, why the hell I heard to my wife and travelled to Lisbon? Why we stay at the beach? Why I heard her and switch off, not e-mail or phone? Why we made holydays in the last 8 years? Because I love her.

    But I need it so badly! I was ready to pay the 300 and something Euros for it; the money was separated, on an envelope, named with 3 nice letters and a magic number. Really! It was! Not joking here!

    2 nights I could not sleep. My boss asked my if I got some disease on my holydays, my son tried to cheer me up, my wife tried to, but 2 very long nights sleepless. Terrible. What should I do? Give up? Buy a Droid? Forget it. Google bought, it will not be the same. I will give up.

    No, I am not. I will call all the stores, and I will drive to Berlin, all night if needed, to get one if I find one. Of course, there is a few popping up on e-bay, but for 600€, that is way too much. And no money back (I knew I would never give it back), post mailing (could arrive damaged), and the stores sold it for 89€. 89€! I could buy 4 with the money I separated for the original price!

    So, I started my journey. Called, and called and called. Even HP. Under several different phones and with several different names. I got the info that some stores might have ones.

    Then I drove. And drove, and drove. I even got to a shop, where they had one, and it was reserved for a Customer. If he would not appear, I could have it. I waited until nearly 20:00 o’clock, when the store closes. I was so happy. But then, the guy appeared. On the last minute! He looked at me with a superior look in his eyes. I was so jealous. No, I would never kill some one for the phone, before you think about it.

    I keep driving. Until I found one. The very last one, on a shelf forgotten, waiting for my. I bought it.

    My wife is calling. We need to go. For now, the box will stay on the table. It will be open, the content will be unpacked. But not know. Latter, on the evening, with a very good Porto wine bottle, bought for special occasions.

    After all, this is a special occasion. It is not everyday that you (and everyone) can walk with a “sabre-toothed tiger” on the line. Or make phone calls and surf on internet and do Skype video-calls with it!

    P.S. This is not yet the whole story, and not 100% t rue. Actually there where two “Pre 3” and one Veer waiting. I convinced my wife of buying her a Veer, but when she saw the Pre 3 and the specs, she looked me down like “do you want to be better than me? No way!” and we got the last two “Pre 3” on the store. I think a woman near us took the Veer, after I explained my wife about all the good stuff she can do with her phone.
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    They turned on. Both. Luckly. Actualy, it is more like driving an Oldtimer car everyday to the work. You are happy of having it, you are happy that it works, you are happy peopple envy you (all family and friend do - real multitask is really impressive), you are happy you have an insurance (an expensive one), but if someones crashes on you, then you're lost!

    I Like me Pre, I really hope it and webOS will not really die.
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    Beautiful, crazy story!

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