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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonx42 View Post
    Since the Pre3 doesn't have the radio bands needed for 3g/4g on T-Mobile, would there be any benefit to telling the phone not to try (battery life perhaps)? Or does it already know not to somehow?
    On my Pre+, using the Quick Systems Tasks app, it definitely helps to set the phone to use only 2G to save battery life when I don't have a good signal for 3G. It doesn't seem logical to me that the phone knows it's on a network that doesn't have the correct band for 3G, so I would assume it is always searching for it.
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    Turning the 3G radio definitely helps, you can do so in the phone prefernces
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    Quote Originally Posted by LCGuy View Post
    I have used my Pre + on T-Mobile for over 1.5 years, and just bought a Pre 3 that Im using on that very same account.

    It works just fine - I believe the Edge radio is of higher quality, or maybe the antennae is better designed, because, Edge is fast (when you first set up the phone, you havent had the opportunity to wet up a wifi connection, so, when the profiler starts downloading apps and your specific information, it appeared to be faster than on my Pre+, is Edge only, and that showed 4 bars, when, in the past, Id have only 1 or 2 bars for edge).

    Calls and MMS work just fine as well, so far. Its an amazing device, so far. The real advantage of this device on T-Mobile is that it does work seamlessly after you insert your sim card, as long as the device has been unlocked.

    I am sure that one of the first patches the Homebrew people will whip up is a way to ditch the ATT screen that pops up on start up...

    PS.. if, by some miracle (and, lets hope that this doesnt happen, for the sake of all mobile consumers in the US), ATT does wind up purchasing T-Mobile, there's a good chance that all T-Mobile customers would have access to ATT's 3G bands, as well.
    I, too, have been using an unlocked Pre+ on Edge just fine on T-Mob for some time. I just bought an AT&T unlocked Pre3 on eBay and received it two days ago. When I popped my SIM in the Pre3, it never brought up the "E" symbol in the upper-right corner. T-Mobile showed in the other corner, and I could make calls.
    What I'm wondering (if you could inform me), when you first put your SIM in your Pre3, did it immediately recognize the Edge network? I'm having issues getting mine to do so. It should be able to at least recognize their 2G network, even though I have been unsuccessful at signing into my Palm Profile on the Pre3, right?
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    An update in case anybody cares or is having the same issue I did:
    I finally gave up and returned the Pre3 to the eBay buyer. Their stated return policy was "no returns", but they were super nice about it and took it back anyway (I had to pay for shipping).
    I bought another Pre3 from eBay that came today. I put in my T-Mobile SIM, and then unlocked it. After finding T-Mobile's network, a little "E" appeared in the upper-right corner. I then signed into my Palm Profile just fine and am in the process of synching over my data and apps.
    So, there are bad Pre3s out there. Luckily I got a good one this time, and the seller of the original one was very helpful and understanding.
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