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    Have been having the same lockup issues. Basically, the screen goes into sleep mode and does not come back. Invariably the message light is flashing, I assume based on an email arriving.

    I'm running a AT&T Pre3 on T-Mobile US. I'm using a AT&T/Unlocked combined doctor to enable Skype (was 2.2.3 now 2.2.4 but same issues)

    Based on the comments on this thread, I believe the issue maybe related to having Skype on-line along with other network activity, while in sleep mode and with a slow network connection.

    I have not been having any issues with lockups since I got the phone. Although I had Skype installed, it has the habit of going off-line and I have not really bothered with it. Only recently I discovered how to go back on-line using the Buddies list. I'm thinking now that is when the lockups started. This morning I put Skype back on-line and had another lock-up a few minutes later. After the re-boot Skype is off-line again.

    Not 100% sure, but will start monitoring more carefully.
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    -UK Pre3 on StraightTalk
    -Sleep of Death began occurring every time the screen went dark
    -Installed Uberkernel/Govnah/Default Uberkernel Settings fixed the problem
    *No obvious culprit in logs
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    I've talked to the webOS customer support - first they kept trying to tell me that my battery could be the cause in this case - because it worked fine as long as it was connected. But it kept getting harder and harder to turn it on again once it locked up.

    After all I've talked to them again, sent it in and received it back with a report saying that there was a software update done (I've doctored it by myself several times) and something about a unspecified 'unit exchange'

    Definitely the same device as there's still a little,... bump (sorry I'm not sure about the english word for this) to see just like before.
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    I wonder if this is the problem I've been experiencing? My UK Pre3 has been great until about a month ago when it started freezing up, either staying stuck on or staying off with a blank screen. Either way it stopped responding to any input. This happened at least every hour, maybe more and the only solution was a reset.

    It's currently back with the Palm Repair Centre as the first time they had it they returned it without fixing the issue. They just made some note about a 'replacement case'?? Within an hour of putting in my HP WebOS Account details and restoring my apps the phone had frozen up again. So I told them to collect it from me and that I wasn't paying carriage this time!

    Now it's back at the 'hospital' and I'll see what happens. I also told them if they couldn't fix the issue I wanted a replacement unit or a refund. Thank heavens it's still under warranty!

    ps. in the meantime I'm using my backup Pre3 :-)
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Automatic backups used to cause severe problems with locking up. Turning it off was the solution
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