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    Be careful guys, I have a brand new Hp Pre 3 imported from UK, it works great on the Rogers network, both 3G and 2.5G Edge, only problem is the coils in the back don't work, so no touchstone charging or touch to share with my Touchpad. I called tech support over there, the guy was very helpful and even admitted it is defective, but referred me back to point of sale to exchange. How do I do that when they have no stock? He says there is no system in place to honour Pre 3 warranty right now, even though the paperwork in the box says 2 years warranty. Hp is very shifty indeed.
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    Who did you get the phone from, maybe they can help with a warranty repair, although the phone may have to get shipped from US -> UK -> HP -> UK -> US.

    Failing that, I'm sure someone will soon have a broken Pre3 that you could grab the back cover from.
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    Try contacting the store and see what they say. I got a unit with broken touch screen and they asked me to send it back for them. I think at least some stores hold on to a couple of devices for cases like these.
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    Just an update. My broken Pre 3 was replaced with a working QWERTY Pre 3. I got the new device today from Palm Eurostore. So it seems HP warranty is working as it should.
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    is the inductive charging stuff in the battery? I would think so since it's the closest to the touchstone...
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    No. The coil is in the back cover.
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    How exactly was it replaced? What was the process you went through?

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    I sent them mail describing my problem (unresponsive screen).
    They sent me a RMA number and a shipping address.
    I sent my device (everything in the package) back to UK and they sent me a replacement after my shipment arrived back at the Eurostore.

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