Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone with a Pre3 has tried to add a webpage as a launcher app because I have tried to do this and I have come to realise that while it was fairly easy to set the image for the icon on previous webOS devices, I find it a bit frustrating on the Pre3. The problem I have encountered is that when you choose the area of a particular image you want to set as the app icon and tap “done” to confirm. The result is not what I highlighted but rather the area to the top left of the area select box. A work around I found is to basically move the selector to the right of the area you want to use. This however is a bit of trail and error and can also be a bit tedious.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I the only one.

Please note that I tried this on my pre+ running webOS 2.1 and it works as it should.