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    Quote Originally Posted by iradeut View Post
    Is there any other use for the front camera other than Skype? I don't see any other way of accessing it.
    There isn't

    Also I could only see myself when skyping someone on an iPhone over wifi
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    Quote Originally Posted by chowdarygm View Post
    skype voice clarity not great for me using 3g and high speed wifi...lot of disturbance.....but with normal phone call its clear.....anyone else?
    Quote Originally Posted by richardallen42 View Post
    I have noticed the same problem. i get a lot of clicking & it makes it really difficult to use it.
    Add me to this list.
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    Video call over Skype is one of this device's excellent capabilities.

    It is always funny to surprise skype callers with an outside view.

    Here it works perfectly on 3G. The video quality is fluent enough to make it more than a gimmick.
    Compared to N900 (another device that has even better inmplemented skype integration - the easiness of switching skype accounts -) the Pre 3 quality is much better. Must be the somewhat stronger processor in the Pre 3.

    Since phones start to have built in Skype video capability over 3G I found part of the promised future is here but it seems almost nobody cares.
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