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    I am a new user of webos. I am wondering is it possible to use pre3 with a prepaid sim card without internet connection? Because for the first time when I open it, it requires the simcard internet to sign in the webos account, and I couldn't pass it. Does it ask for a internet to login the phone everytime, or it's only for the first time? And for the first time to sign in, is there any way to choose the wifi instead? Thanks very much for any help.
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    Yes you can.

    Check this: HERE
    And be sure you have a wifi connection with internet access.
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    And the answer to your other question is that yes, you can disable carrier data and use only WiFi if you wish. If you don't want to go through the above procedure (with Impostah, etc), and do have a data sim card, you can minimise the data usage by following the instructions the phone gives you to set up the phone.

    Once set up is complete, you will see icons at the bottom of the screen indicating your mail, etc, is being synched. Launch the phone app (the phone dialer), go to preferences and accounts (tap top left of the screen where the carrier name is), and scroll down the list until you find the option to turn off "Data Usage". This stops using sim based data. You can then proceed to set up WiFi, etc.

    Bear in mind if you are not in the UK/US/other supported countries, to be able to buy any applications you are better off going through the method In-Game mentioned above. Once you set up your phone to access a particular country application catalogue, itwill be locked to it for ever, so think carefully about it first.
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    I will take your suggestion, Amohazab! It's very helpful. Thanks very much.
    In-Game, I am afraid that your suggestion is too complex for me. But still thanks for your kind.
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    Must've been a bug in the forums, was trying to post something and was posted here instead of being the latest post.
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    Thanks, I'll need this when I go to Germany next week. Anyone in Germany know where I can get SIM cards when I get there? I'll be flying into Munich.
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    Hallo, so far I know, you need something like a contract even to get a sim card. But you can ask in shops like Saturn or Mediamarkt or from German Telecom. This you can find in every bigger shopping mall.

    Regards Andreas
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    I think initial setup needs a 3G or EDGE connection - the Palm profile is finicky about such things
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    I was just wondering. In the Philippines, they were selling prepaid SIM cards. I just couldn't use them because I was on Verizon the last time I was there, and Verizon is CDMA - no SIM cards in phone.
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    Here in the Philippines, prepaid sim card kits are prevalent. They usually go for PHP30, without any load. You'd have to load an amount as low as PHP10 to any amount you'd like.

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