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    Hello, I've just received my Pre3 but it seems something is wrong.

    When I started it for the first time and ever since, the HP logo comes up for 5 seconds and then the USB logo appears and the phone doesn't want to know anything. You can't switch it off, you need to take the battery out.

    I've try to reset it with Webos doctor, it does its job but after the 100% is complete, the phone reboots and I get stuck with the same USB logo again.

    Any ideas or similar experiences ??

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    Well sounds like you have to doctor your device.

    How to do this.

    And if this doesn't work... and it is charged as Jozz sais...
    Returning it is the only option I am afraid.
    Or you could check if the volum up button or the R button is stuck?
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    Did you charge the battery?

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